Meet The Team


Our Physiotherapists are all Chartered and selected for their excellent manual and theoretical skills. It is vital also that they demonstrate a keen empathy, care and concern towards patients.


Clare FoneClare Fone

Holistic, Functional Chartered Physiotherapist.
Motivational health and fitness speaker.

Candice Morgan
Specialist Musculoskeletal

Kione Wikins
Specialist Musculoskeletal


Merve Izol
Specialist Musculoskeletal

Emma Bright
Specialist Respiratory

Lauren Shelvey
Specialist Neurological

Claire Potter
Specialist Neurological

Pilates and yoga instructors

All our Pilates instructors reflect the philosophy of WPPC, which is to offer the most effective teaching skills with a caring, empathetic approach to clients. All have completed world reknowned and recognised courses and have at least 5 years working experience. They all specialise in rehabilitation Pilates which is a great adjunct to our physiotherapy treatments.

Sports Massage Therapists


Our Practice has as its focus the elimination of your physical pain. Sometimes, what and how you eat may form a part of a progressive and holistic solution. After all, “You are what you eat!”.
We have nutritionist Angela Trisolgio who you may consult to give reassurance and advice on your diet that can then be knitted together to your physical exercise plans. She is medically trained and can explain the science behind suggestions made and work together to ensure the appropriateness of treatments and diets suggested.

Angela Trisolgio
Angela offers an holistic and practical approach, incorporating the best of integrative medicine, to help you to take charge of your own health. She will help you understand the connections between your health concerns, what you eat and other factors in your life and environment, and guide you through simple and realistic changes.
Angela (MSc BSc Hons, Dip ION mBANT) is a qualified Nutritional Therapist specialising in stress-related and immune conditions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, digestive disorders and inflammatory conditions, weight and hormonal imbalances.

Personal Trainers

As Chartered Physiotherapists, we have experience of patients seeking our help following inappropriate and misguided personal training sessions, often with inexperienced trainers. Jim Robertson has many years of experience, training elite sportsmen as well as those of us just trying to stay or get fit. He regularly attends our in-service training and will have a good understanding of treatment plans for any patients progressing from treatment to fitness work. He is also currently training to become a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Office Manager

A key part of our team, Meeta Patel has run the office and reception for more than 10 years. She understands the basics of most of the symptoms that you may be experiencing and will be able to advise who your first point of contact should be. Alternatively, she can manage your appointments for you, take payment in person or over the phone and generally ensure that you receive the best service. Meeta will also be able to explain all of our services and the various costs.