Physiotherapy face to face at WPPC , virtual online and home visits.

Assess – Treat – Advise & Motivate for rehabilitation

Before we treat, we perform a full assessment by which we understand your symptoms and any underlying conditions and root out the causes of your pain. Then we give a full explanation as to why you are in pain or discomfort and how you can prevent such injuries recurring in future with simple exercise and lifestyle routines.

Whether you are self-referred or referred by your GP or consultant, our therapists are all fully qualified with many years of experience and will provide hands-on manual treatment in the first session, aimed at resolving your symptoms quickly.

We will recommend and teach you a full strengthening and mobility programme, which you can practise with us in our on-site gym. These exercises will be specifically devised to work for you in your working and everyday life.

Our Physiotherapists

All of our physiotherapists are chartered (MCSP) and state registered (HPC). They will use their professional knowledge and practical skills to assess the causes of your pain and with a full explanation of these, devise a plan for you. Our practitioners will work closely in partnership with you and any other health professionals involved with your condition. Our physiotherapists also recognise that it is not just the physical but also psychological, social and environmental factors that can limit movement and function. They use their knowledge and skills to identify such issues and to agree a treatment plan with you.

If appropriate, and with your agreement, they may refer you on to one of our other experts to help sustain good movement.