It is in every business’ interest to help its staff stay healthy, energetic and vital.


There are plenty of statistics that dramatically expose how much absenteeism results from musculoskeletal disorders whether they result from general wear and tear, stress or accidents. So it is in every business’ interest to help its staff stay healthy, energetic and vital. Wellness programmes result in:

A more loyal workforce, less absenteeism, higher morale and an atmosphere of positivity.

We want to become your partner in health and wellbeing, working with you to identify the most appropriate offering for your staff. We can provide:

  • on-site physiotherapy treatment
  • workstation assessments and manual handling training
  • wellbeing packages including exercise classes, sports massage and lectures
  • Talks on ‘Turning your working day into a workout”
  • Talks on healthy nutrition- dispelling myths and faddisms.

We work closely with HR or Occupational health departments, and if you are a smaller business, we will correspond directly with the patient’s GPs.

We have provided on-site physiotherapy and exercise services to corporations large and small for many years providing a high quality holistic service.

Clare Fone MCSP lectures regularly to large and small corporations on Health and Wellbeing issues.

It is a legal requirement that everyone working at a desk with a computer should have a workstation assessment before they start work. Of course, this makes sense because the best way to avoid injury is prevention. We can provide a professional ergonomic assessment service as well as education and advice for any of your staff involved in manual handling, or sedentary workers.

Please call Clare Fone on 0207 834 3700 or email to discuss further.