May 26th 2020

Re-opening of The Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre in a ‘COVID 19 secure ‘environment.

As a clinic team we have sat down and considered our options in regards to the current COVID 19 crisis. The services we offer are to benefit you and your health, wellbeing and fitness and are our highest priority. In line with the Government advice, Public Health England [ PHE], The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [ CSP] and the HCPC, we will be phasing in our professional services according to the easing of lockdown.

As a treatment team, we are leaving no stone unturned to start once again to provide the highest and safest possible standard of care. A crucial part of this is the implementation of a high standard of hygiene; steps taken include but are not limited to;

  • New use of PPE ranging from face masks, face shields, gowns and gloves. This can be tailored between you and your practitioner at the point of booking.
  • Time gaps between treatment to ensure minimal cross over of clients.
  • Minimum of 2m gaps in the waiting area.
  • We have positioned sanitiser in reception and on nearly every surface you can reach.
  • Every member of the practice team is keeping their work space and the space around them maintained to the highest possible standard.
  • All equipment will be sanitised at a minimum after each use.
  • We must all remain alert and aware. Our goal is your confidence and safety.


We have been helping some of you with our virtual consultations. These will be encouraged to continue if possible first. Booking and payment can be made easily online.


  • Physiotherapy assessments and follow up rehabilitation
  • Home work station assessments
  • Clinical Pilates/ Yoga 1:1 and group matwork classes
  • Physio led guided meditation and yoga sessions
  • Physiotherapy sessions on line will be covered by all major health insurance companies, although BUPA at present will cover existing clients.

Some people will require face to face consultations.

That means that where the benefit of attendance is outweighed by the risk we will continue to encourage remote consultations, but offer face to face, if necessary.

Please contact us via the telephone 0207 834 3700 to discuss your options further, email;, or book directly online:

You will be sent a health questionnaire and information flyer to complete ahead of your appointment.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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