Let us check your current musculoskeletal condition and advise on your exercise routines

Are you about to go skiing or switch to a new job? Sudden changes in everyday life and work habits can sometimes lead to new physical conditions. Some simple preparation can prevent unnecessary accidents or painful symptoms. In one short session we can hear about your expected life changes, active holiday plans or new sports regime and identify any risks based on your current musculoskeletal condition by doing a Body MOT. We may recommend some treatment or more usually advise you to do some appropriate strengthening exercises, carefully laying down guidance for the level at which you should perform these.

Anyone changing jobs from a manual to a more sedentary lifestyle would benefit from a Body MOT and exercise advice from our experienced Physical Therapists:

  • Young people about to embark on a career involving long hours of sitting at a desk
  • A taxi driver
  • A mother planning a pregnancy/ early pregnancy
  • Anyone embarking on a gruelling physical task – climbing or trekking mountains, cycling long routes, running marathons…
  • Sedentary workers planning a ski trip
  • Lectures for staff – achieving a healthy, happy workforce, who are then productive and take less time off sick.