Let us inspire and motivate you.

The Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre has been established in Victoria/ Belgravia for 20 years.

We believe that one of our roles as therapists is to INSPIRE all our clients to improve or maintain their physical health, vitality and improve their lifestyles.

We try to practise what we preach.

We strive to give back to our local community.

Regular PhysYogaLates classes are taught at Victoria Medical Centre, an NHS GP practice.

We are involved with VICTORIA BID and LAND SECURITIES to improve the community feel in our area.

Follow our regular blogs and twitter feeds to view the vegetable patch progression.

Follow recipes for healthy baking and main meals.

Hear about our nutritional talks given by our inspiring nutritionists. We have a long-running association with LEON, providing healthy nutritious food to many of our talks and classes.

Learn how you may be able to access our community exercise projects and free demonstrations.


Clare Fone grows her own vegetables and loves to bake healthy cakes and biscuits.

She has no sugar in her house, to the fury of her sons.

She exercises daily and stands and moves as much of the day as she can. She believes in performing daily activities in a good biomechanical way, to burn calories and maintain fitness. It’s all about NEAT – non exercise aerobic thermogenesis.