A long-established practice, yoga has wonderful benefits, if taught by experienced practitioners in a controlled way.

For us, we love the way it helps:

  • improve your flexibility (this is so important as we age)
  • build muscle strength in a correct way
  • perfect your posture
  • prevent cartilage and joint breakdown
  • protect your spine
  • improve your bone strength and health
  • increase blood flow
  • drain your lymph and boosts immunity
  • drop your blood pressure
  • regulate your adrenal glands (stress hormone production)
  • make you happier
  • build a healthy lifestyle
  • lower blood sugar
  • you focus
  • relax your system
  • improve your balance
  • maintain your nervous system
  • releases tension in our limbs
  • you sleep deeper
  • prevent IBS and other digestive problems
  • increase your self-esteem
  • ease your pain
  • give you inner strength
  • be more intuitive with your body and sense when things are not right