Small Exercise Classes

Exercise with Chartered Physiotherapists who understand your limitations

At WPPC, we keep our classes small to allow us to get to know your body well and adapt exercise to suit you best. Our Physiotherapy and Pilates teams work closely together to tailor programmes while accounting for injury and pathology. Most of our physiotherapists have a Pilates background allowing you to exercise in the knowledge that your instructor will understand your limitations and help protect you from working beyond these. We have a spacious mat work studio as well as s full equipment studio at our clinic in Victoria.


1:3 Pilates Equipment Classes:

These small classes offer a circuit of exercises on both the Pilates equipment and mat. The exercises are individually tailored to your needs so that you can improve in the areas you benefit most from.  1:3 Classes can be a good addition to a course of physiotherapy to help with your rehabilitation. The small size allows for better supervision and tailored instruction to help prevent injury.

Matwork Classes:

These classes are aimed at building a strong foundation for movement, flexibility, strength and breathwork in a friendly and social environment. We incorporate rehab-based exercises and education to enhance recovery and/or prevent injury. Exercises can be adapted to suit all levels.

Our Over 50’s Pilates class places a particular focus on flexibility, weightbearing and balance while incorporating Pilates principles.

Community Class:

This class was inspired by our work with GP practices within Victoria and Pimlico.  We have long understood the value in keeping our elderly community as active and healthy as possible. These 45- minute classes are led by Physiotherapists and focus on gentle mobility, strengthening and balance. We provide a supportive environment in which you can ask any questions regarding your physical health, meet other residents and chat through any concerns. This is more than just an exercise class, it’s a community!

Group Class Timetable: