Small Exercise Classes

Exercise with Chartered Physiotherapists who understand your limitations

Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre (WPPC) Classes

Most of our classes are run by senior Chartered Physiotherapists, which ensures that you can continue to receive expert advice as you exercise. You can also exercise in the knowledge that your instructor will understand your limitations and help protect you from working beyond these – meaning you will be less likely to strain tissues and suffer any break in your exercise routine.

In order to help you build on your recovery, we have established a series of exercise classes that can help motivate you to build on your recovery. Many of our patients have continued to join our classes for many years.

Our classes are generally run in our Practice in Victoria. We also run two classes a week at The Victoria Medical Centre (VMC). Westminster Council has generously part-funded these classes so that we only ask for a donation towards the continuing running costs of these classes based on what you can afford. Participants must be referred by a GP from VMC.


Pilates / PhysioYogaLates / Timetable held at WPPC


This class is a combination of Physiotherapy/Wellness education, Yoga, Ballet and Pilates exercises that bring about optimum good posture, fluidity of movement, flexibility and strength. When you understand how your body moves, as well as the benefits of each exercise and what effect it is giving your organs/tissues, you will be much more likely to perform these routines yourself. Put simply, you will see quicker results.
The class has been devised by a Sports Chartered Physiotherapist, who treats injuries resulting from poor movement patterns attributed to certain sports, sedentary lifestyles and poor postures.
The aim of the class is to bring about a sense of general wellbeing, give an understanding as to how the body should move and prevent future injuries.
This class is suitable for men and women of any age.
You should not be suffering from an acute episode of joint pain when attending.


Pilates Equipment/Matwork 1:3

With a small group of maximum 3 attendees and taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist with Pilates training, these classes offer a circuit of exercises, both mat bases and on the Pilates equipment, working on core strength and movement control.  The exercises are individually tailored to your needs so that you can improve in the areas you benefit most from.  1:3 classes can be a good addition to a course of physiotherapy to help your rehabilitation, and the small size allows for better supervision and instruction to help achieve good technique and prevent injuries.  Even if you have never done Pilates before this can be a good way to start it under the guidance of a physiotherapist, who will understand and respect any injuries or limitations and guide you on your way to sustainable improvement.


The Victoria Medical Centre (VMC) classes

Over 60s’ PhysioYogaLates Exercise

Mondays:  10.30am – 11.30am

Teacher: Olivia Withers (Chartered Physiotherapist)


Fridays: 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Teacher: Clare Fone (Chartered Physiotherapist)


Heathfield, East Sussex, TN21

PhysioYogaLates Exercise for all ages

Wednesdays: 9am – 10am

Teacher: Clare Fone (Chartered Physiotherapist)



Physio led Clinical Rehabilitation / Pilates

  • Equipment £100/session
  • Mat-work £80/session

10% Discount on booking 6 sessions to be used within 3 months


Pilates Instructor led- Pilates/Yoga 1:1

  • Equipment £70 session
  • Mat-work £60 session

10% Discount on booking 10 sessions to be used within 3 months


Pilates 1:3

  • Equipment/ Mat-work £35/session


Over 50s’ Pilates (mat-work 6 sessions)

  • £110 for course of 6
  • £20 drop-in/session