Who said you can’t carry on toning your muscles just because you’re at work? In fact, simply standing – rather than sitting – helps to burn more calories and strengthen your muscles, so try to move more during the day and avoid sitting as much as you can. Think about whether you need to pull up that chair during a meeting, reading an article, or during your thinking time? If not, stand, engage your core muscles (stand in 3rd ballet position, tense your thighs and feel your core muscles engage, then place your feet under your hips in a parallel position). WPPC physiotherapy and founder Clare Fone was recently asked to present a talk, ‘Turning your working day in to a work out’, to 70 lawyers and their support staff at Hogan Lovells Law Firm (@HoganLovells). Needless to say, she encouraged as many people as possible to stand during the hour talk rather than sit (which plenty took advantage of!). Looks like NEAT – non exercise activity thermogenesis – is clearly all the rage… Regular talks are being given to many companies in London. To encourage more movement in your own business, please contact 020 7834 3700

Hogan Lovells