The aim of our blogs is to impart, evidence-based information from credible sources.
There are so many vitality, lifestyle and healthy eating blogs to choose from now. Make sure those you use have good evidence to back up their advice.
As you know, WPPC is passionate about bringing about healthy lifestyle changes in all our clients and we recommend Professor Greg Whyte, professor in applied sport and exercise science at Liverpool John Moores University, and author of Achieve the Impossible. [An article appeared in the Saturday Telegraph on Saturday March 7, written by Mark Bailey.]
Greg’s main points from the article and what we wish to inform you about are:
  •  We must use evidence-based knowledge to bring about success
  •  Success is not an accident; you plan for it
  • Analyse your goal, identify what you need to do and work out how to achieve it.
  • The best way to lose weight is to perform high intensity exercise like spinning, circuit training, introduce 30 second sprint intervals into your runs. Your resting heart rate will be elevated for hours after you stop, so you will burn extra calories when you are sitting in the evening.
    WPPC is strict on making sure any activity you do, you do well and understand the movement pattern that is correct.
  • NEAT Non exercise activity thermogenesis ie: the normal activities we perform each day; walking, standing, emptying the dish washer, gardening and cleaning the car. All these activities burn calories. It is not good enough to sit or lie down for 23 hours and exercise in the gym for 1 hour.
  • Mind management is vital. Make small goals that are achievable.
  • Do not ‘diet’. Eating 3 nutritionally healthy , balanced, meals a day.
  • Nothing can be achieved without hard work.We at WPPC can help you with all the above.
  • Chartered rehabilitative physiotherapists to teach you how to perform all forms of exercise correctly and efficiently, to prevent injury.
  • We can help you understand how the mind affects your body and develop mind management strategies, to achieve your goals.
  • Our experienced personal trainers can motivate and guide you.
  • Our nutritionists to explain how to achieve an enjoyable, balanced nutritionally healthy diet.
  • Our Pilates Instructors to teach you effective exercise routines to achieve ultimate good musculoskeletal skeletal health and posture
  • Our massage therapists to release tensions, to enable you to achieve the above.Anything is possible if you want it badly enough….