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THURSDAY 2ND JULY 2015, 5:30-8.00PM

Our aim
To ensure that your business and your employees have access to professional health advisors, we offer a range of fun and informative Wellbeing Events. The events offer constructive advice together with suggested approaches to health awareness and general wellness in the workplace.

We have been looking after the physical health of residents and the working population of Victoria for 20 years and we are keen to assist large organisations, increase health awareness and to give staff an opportunity to access a range of professional advice without leaving the working environment. As a well established Wellbeing Centre, we work closely with some of the top London orthopaedic Consultants, from London Bridge Hospital.

Who will be present?
Top London orthopaedic consultants from London Bridge Hospital
Chartered Physiotherapists from Westminster Physio [Established in Victoria for 20 years]
Nutritionists from Westminster Physio
Personal trainers from Westminster Physio
Pilates Instructors from Westminster Physio
Sports massage therapists from Westminster Physio

What is on offer?
Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss any physical health, vitality and/or wellbeing issues they may have and would like help to change. Westminster Physios will direct attendees to specific consultants for advice.
A short introductory talk will be given by Clare Fone, Head of Practice at WPPC.
Each Consultant will give a very brief talk on their subject.
London Bridge Hospital will talk briefly about the availability of using their investigative procedures ie: MRI, Ultrasound, XR.
Any musculo-skeletal conditions attendees may have, may be discussed with the physiotherapists and consultants.
Consultant orthopaedic surgeons will give small talks on a particular subject to small groups.
Any advice on the best forms of exercise for them as an individual, can be discussed with the exercise and rehab team.
There will be nutritionally healthy food and drinks available, provided by Leon.
Live Music – Small Jazz ensemble.
Hotel Chocolat will be offering 70% cocoa chocolate tasting.