We’re excited to share some valuable feedback on our campaign to make people feel the power of health and fitness. WPPC takes an active role in spreading the word about Turning Your Work Day into a Workout with chartered physiotherapist Clare Fone talking – and encouraging movement – to numerous groups. Early in October, she spoke with the Tonbridge School Parents Arts Society, where more than 100 attendees learned:

  • How the mind affects the body;
  • What is disease;
  • How we can prevent the majority of musculo-skeletal conditions;
  • What we can all do to improve our general health;
  • How to perform exercise routines correctly – and avoid injury;
  • An exercise routine, which can be performed during your working day.


We thank the society for our invite, and also attendees for the following comments:

“[The talk] was really insightful, enjoyable and professional. I will definitely be looking for a Pilates Class near me.”

Emilia S.

“Not only have my colleague and I been stretching in the classroom this morning, but other teachers and the children joined in! One girl asked ‘Can we do that again tomorrow?’

Linda O., business owner, Tunbridge Wells.

“The talk was well delivered and it really made my husband think about daily morning exercise and he is currently doing some now!”

Catrina Mc.

“Well done, that was a brilliant talk, said with real passion and energy!”

Carol F.