Our bodies are less complex than we think: WPPC hopes to empower people to take simple control of their health, as explained in talks to the City Women Network [CWN] in October.
Clare Fone, chartered physiotherapist, spoke about how  he majority of musculo-skeletal conditions [MSK] are preventable, if you take ownership for your health and wellbeing and make some lifestyle changes. Chartered physiotherapists are experts in physical activity management and explain how the body functions, how the mind and body work in unison, how we can be healthier, happier and fitter by looking after our basic body needs.
Some top physiotherapy tips were taught and some prime exercises shown.

Natalia Traxel, nutritionist at Ryamond Blanc cookery school and WPPC, gave an amusing and down-to-earth talk on sugars, fats, as well as dispelling myths and faddisms. Her message is not complicated and extremely sensible and evidence-based.

There was an air of relief – and laughter – from the audience that everything made sense and advice given did not add more stresses to the busy lives of working women, often with families and homes to run.

A taste of the Twitter feedback from the evening – with thanks:

Sally Jasmin茉莉 Sarma (@JasminandRoses)

Regular routine exercise. Take ownership of your health. No one is going to look after you

Pain is physical & emotional reaction. Back to basics: our body is simple & interconnected @wpp_centre


Clare Fone talking about the importance of posture (and how good posture can burn calories)

Natalia from is brilliant! Great tips on nutrition and funny, too!


So proud of Natalia , our in charge of many nutritional courses