We’re introducing a new class focusing specifically on LOWER LIMB REHABILITATION. This Individual Physiotherapy Rehab is all about PRM: prevention, recovery, maintenance and created by Aidan Murphy (Chartered Physiotherapist).

It is designed for those with any HIP, KNEE, CALF, ANKLE injuries (previous or current), sports injuries and short-term or long-term issues (Muscle, Tendons, Meniscus, Ligaments, Fractures, Post-Operation, Knee Replacements, etc.)

Although it’s a class, your programme will be specific for issues and classes will use a specific programme which has consistently shown to be the best way to recover and prevent injury.

Classes will be designed to improve:

  • Strength in Hips, Quads, Hamstrings, Calf
  • Flexibility in Hips, Knee, Ankles
  • Balance: stability, control of joint movement

Held on Wednesdays (1.30-2.15pm)

COST: £35/session