Back pain can be extremely debilitating and there are around 20 structures at each segmental level that may be causing the pain. It may result from  poor posture and minor strains to the ligaments. The muscles may go into spasm which causes further pain. It may be caused by an injury to the disc or facet joints. Poor abdominal strength and posture are a major contributer to back pain as well as a sedentary lifesyle.


Following an holistic assessment of your spinal movements , posture, muscle strength and imbalance and movement patterns we will be able to identify the source of your pain. How the mind and the body interact will be explained and our main aim is to allay your fears. Once you have a better understanding of what is causing your pain and what you can do to control it, the treatment is often the easy part.

Soft tissue and spinal mobilisations will be performed, muscle imbalance corrected, teaching postural awareness and how to perform normal daily activities, will help to ease your pain and prevent further episodes from occuring.