Christos Stefanidis

Christos graduated with a Bachelor in Kinesiotherapy from the National Sports Academy of Bulgaria in 2000. He gained experience working in various hospitals, treating patients from orthopaedic, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurology and sports medicine departments.

In 2002, Christos shifted his practice to Sports Rehabilitation, where he treated the Greek National Athletics team and the Greek National Gymnastics squad. He was honoured to participate in the 2004 Olympics, as a member of the Greek National Gymnastics team. He has also worked in various professional Volleyball clubs. He tutored in soft tissue therapy and sports massage in Athens during this time.

Christos has been based in London since 2010. He has worked in a variety of clinics, treating a wide range of individuals from elite athletes to City workers and those needing to maintain flexibility and mobility to enable them to get through each day.

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