Monica Halper

Monica has developed a true love of Pilates. She teaches matwork and equipment classes at WPPC and is eager to guide patients with issues such as:

injury rehabilitation

physical therapy maintenance

the experience of the pre- and post-natal body

common and quirky musculoskeletal imbalances

those simply wishing to grow stronger, more balanced and more connected to their own bodies

Monica brings joy, enthusiasm and curiosity to her teaching, encouraging patients to work safely and honour the uniqueness of their bodies, while challenging them to discover their balance, strength, flexibility and grace.
Monica gained her certification as a Pilates Instructor and began teaching matwork and equipment classes in 2007.  Previously, having already studied Taekwondo, she completed two comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training programs, including that of the Los Angeles Yoga Works studio, where she mentored with a senior Iyengar teacher.  She taught Vinyasa Flow at Yoga Works for several years before moving to London in 2006 to embark on her Pilates journey.  She enrolled in the Alan Herdman Pilates Teacher Training, where she sought to nurture her own repetitive injuries and to foster a deeper understanding of the anatomy of movement.