Diana Mirgorod


Diana Mirgorod, a native of Ukraine, has spent her life in sport – as a figure skater, a short distance runner, a teacher of physical education in a university and Ph.D in Olympic and professional sport. She also has 35 publications in the science journals.

She met with the Pilates Method while searching for an effective exercise system for a rehabilitation after a sport injury, and she was able to verify its unique advantages for improving the quality of human life in all its manifestations (physical, mental and spiritual) from her own experience.

After successfully completing the Lolita’s Legacy training comprehensive program, created by the first generation Pilates teacher Lolita San Miguel’s, she continued to work as a Pilates instructor in a professional Studio. The meeting with Alan Herdman became a turning point in her life and she came to London in 2017 to study from him.

Now, she is happy to be a part of WPPC’s professional team of like-minded people and continues her apprenticeship in the Alan Herdman, Canary Wharf Studio.

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