Pilates Instructors / Yoga Instructor

All our Pilates instructors reflect the philosophy of WPPC, which is to offer the most effective teaching skills with a caring, empathetic approach to clients. All have completed world reknowned and recognised courses and have at least 5 years working experience. They all specialise in rehabilitation Pilates which is a great adjunct to our physiotherapy treatments.

Cesar Pastri

Cesar specialised in Classical Pilates following a serious lower back injury in 2013. Desperate for relief from the excruciating pain he was in, he decided to try Pilates as part of his reha Read more

Monica Halper

Monica has developed a true love of Pilates. She teaches matwork and equipment classes at WPPC and is eager to guide patients with issues such as: injury rehabilitation physical therapy maintena Read more

Valeria Famularo

Valeria is a freelance contemporary dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. During her career in dance, she was introduced to Pilates as a means to improve core strength and alignment for injury p Read more

Diana Mirgorod

  Diana Mirgorod, a native of Ukraine, has spent her life in sport – as a figure skater, a short distance runner, a teacher of physical education in a university and Ph.D in Olympic Read more


After spending two decades writing about the benefits of yoga, award-winning journalist Lucy Hyslop decided to practise what she preaches qualifying from the British Wheel of Yoga (Teacher Traini Read more