Kamila Fuczko

Kamila can get you back on track with your daily activities after surgery, an injury, accident, or illness. She definitely can reduce pain, normalise your walking, improve your range of motion, and prevent excessive scar tissue buildup. Additionally, she helps you regain your balance, strength, and mobility. 

Kamila is highly experienced and qualified in manipulative therapy, sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation. She works closely with leading orthopaedic specialists in London. Her interests lie in running, skiing injuries, spine-related pain and post-operational rehab. She can identify compensatory movement, single-leg discrepancies, postural imbalances and muscle activation issues that could cause long term pain or disability.

Kamila will help you to identify inefficient or incorrect walking and running style through Biomechanical Video Analysis. She will help you to re-educate your walking and running technique, improve your performance and lifelong wellness. As a Nordic Walking Instructor, she encourages you to enjoy cardiovascular workout benefits at any age. 

Kamila is passionate about body movement. Her Pilates and Yoga Instructor skills help her choose the best treatment for her patients at any age. She teaches regular classes for individuals and big corporations.

In 2019 she completed Western Acupuncture training, and she is an accredited member of AACP. She uses various techniques to speed up recovery and reduce pain.

As an Ergonomic Assessor registered with ACPOHE, Kamila helps with work-related injuries and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries. She provides a DSE assessment for corporations and individuals based on current guidelines. 

She is a dedicated and results-focused physiotherapist with over 14 years’ experience. She graduated with a master programme in physiotherapy at the University of Physical Education in Poland. After her postgraduation, she worked at the hospital, working with various conditions, mainly orthopaedic and neurological. Kamila moved to the UK in 2012. Since then, she focused on gaining insight into MSK/Sports rehab. 

She strives for excellence and emphasises evidence-based treatment. She is fully compliant with the latest health regulations. Her goal is to create a culture characterised by innovation, respect, encouragement, passion and teamwork. She is finding the root of the problem and providing you with the most effective treatment and rehab exercise plan to achieve your best fitness and happiness.

In her spare time, Kamila enjoys art and travelling. She is a keen windsurfer, snowboarder, climber and volleyball player.


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