The UK’s first cross-sector event – Elevate Arena held May 5, 2016 – brought together the physical activity sector, academia, healthcare, gov

ernment and performance experts to focus on an increasingly important and complex societal challenge: tackling physical inactivity.

Our head of practice, Clare Fone, gave a well-received talk on the importance of intelligent exercise and using chartered physiotherapists more, as experts in physical activity management to help tackle many of the ailments of our society today.

Muscle-skeletal conditions, sports injuries, obesity, diabetes and an ageing inactive older population are  all overstretching the NHS resources. We need to encourage people to take ownership for their own conditions and health, both emotionally and physically.

All the staff at WPPC believe in bringing about lifestyle changes in our clients and encouraging body intuition, so that when things go wrong, we are aware early and therefore much more able to resolve issues.

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