Following the most recent Government guidance WPPC remains open for your all your clinical health and fitness needs. Physiotherapy assessments, follow up treatments and extensive rehabilitation continue, although triaging will be the first step, to check that you do not have any vulnerabilities. A health questionnaire will be required to complete, before attendance at WPPC…. Read more


PHYSIO LED YOGA As a health and fitness centre, Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre is passionate about evidence based exercise guidance for all ages and abilities. Yoga is a superb form of exercise which focuses on calming the breath and mind to improve your mental and physical fitness, joint flexibility, strength, improving the immune system… Read more

COVID-19 Wellbeing

During these uncertain times we all have a responsibility to look after our own health and wellbeing the best we can. Many of our clients/ potential clients will have underlying health issues, but working on our 4 pillars of health can boost our own immunity and try and keep us healthy. SPECIALIST WELLBEING CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS… Read more
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