PHYSIO LED YOGA As a health and fitness centre, Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre is passionate about evidence based exercise guidance for all ages and abilities. Yoga is a superb form of exercise which focuses on calming the breath and mind to improve your mental and physical fitness, joint flexibility, strength, improving the immune system… Read more

COVID-19 Wellbeing

During these uncertain times we all have a responsibility to look after our own health and wellbeing the best we can. Many of our clients/ potential clients will have underlying health issues, but working on our 4 pillars of health can boost our own immunity and try and keep us healthy. SPECIALIST WELLBEING CHARTERED PHYSIOTHERAPISTS… Read more

Health and Wellbeing Body MOTs

In a world of ‘noise’ and ‘fake news’ in the health industry, WPPC offers curated evidence based information, education and guidance for all health and wellbeing issues. We offer Body MOTs. A session where you can discuss any health concerns and we can either help ourselves or guide you to an evidence based health professional,… Read more
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