Personal Trainers

As Chartered Physiotherapists, we have experience of patients seeking our help following inappropriate and misguided personal training sessions, often with inexperienced trainers. Jim Robertson has many years of experience, training elite sportsmen as well as those of us just trying to stay or get fit. He regularly attends our in-service training and will have a good understanding of treatment plans for any patients progressing from treatment to fitness work. He is also currently training to become a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Richie Norton

Richie is a certified trainer with an international professional background in rugby and athletics. Specialising rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques, Richie focuses on functional movement Read more

Jim Robertson

Jim has more than 14 years of experience within the Health & Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist. Working alongside the therapists here at the WPPC his aim is to ensure that you receive the appropriate training and treatment complimenting the work you have receive Read more

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