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Keep moving… for a rewarding bite

We’re strong believers in movement – no matter what your age. Our head of practice Clare Fone and her family hold over 60s’ tea times at their home where the incentive to move means the reward is sandwiches and cake!    Read more

Feeling up and down all day? Sort out your breakfast

By NATALIA TRAXEL We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is that? Our blood sugar levels are at their lowest point in the morning (of course this depends on factors such as what and when your last meal was) and after eating a breakfast rich in carbohydrates, such… Read more

Calling all London Marathon Runners April 26th 2015

LONDON MARATHON 2015 The chartered physiotherapists at WPPC are busy treating some of the marathon runners who have developed injuries during their training. Book in for a Body MOT to prevent the onset of such injuries and learn to improve your movement patterns . We often overwork already strong muscles and do not use the… Read more

Swimming, a super sport

              As I was running along the promenade at Eastbourne, I spied some swimmers from a local swimming club, flexing their muscles in the waves. What a wonderful way to get fit. The physios at WPPC highly recommend swimming as a wonderful way to get fit, improve your mental… Read more

Lofty ambitions – new rooftop exercise classes

Summer is nearly here… We’re looking forward to teaching another round of PhysYogaLates exercise classes on the rooftop at Cardinal Place, Victoria SWI. Watch this space for a refreshing hit of fresh air and evidence-based, effective exercise from Clare Fone, Chartered Physiotherapist.               Read more
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