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New Physio-led weekly HIIT lunchtime class – 30 minutes

Physio led HIIT class – Wed  We are excited to announce a new physio-led 30-minute weekly HIIT lunchtime class taking place at WPPC’s studio, starting Wednesday 14 June, 12.30-1300. Brilliant reason to walk away from the desk and get a quick half hour in of High Intensity Interval Training. Physio led, to help you intelligently exercise and… Read more

Frontline: Why over 50s’ health is so important at WPPC

A national light has been shone on WPPC’s long-running physio-led exercise classes with an article the practice and owner Clare Fone in the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Frontline magazine and website. This article is proof to why local authorities help people (over fifties in this case) with their health and wellbeing. Please click here to find out more:… Read more

Get ready to WalkFit…

Summer may be drawing to a close, but we’re keen to put a spring in your step this autumn. Come and join us for some FREE WalkFit sessions for an hour at 12noon every Friday in September. In collaboration with our friends at VictoriaBID, we are teaching people how to walk effectively, efficiently and burn… Read more

Elevate — feedback on the cross-sector approach to physical inactivity

    The UK’s first cross-sector event – Elevate Arena held May 5, 2016 – brought together the physical activity sector, academia, healthcare, gov ernment and performance experts to focus on an increasingly important and complex societal challenge: tackling physical inactivity. Our head of practice, Clare Fone, gave a well-received talk on the importance of intelligent… Read more
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