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An essential nutrition source

We’re super excited to link to nutritionist Natalia Traxel’s new website, focusing on nutrition – food for the body and mind. With wonderful recipes and insights (from the facts about cravings to the list of feel-good food), this go-to guide to eating well from the nutritionist at Raymond Blanc Cookery School is a must-read. Look… Read more

She did it! Meet our Tough Mudder!

Huge congratulations to one of our chartered physiotherapists, Sheena Patel, who became one Tough Mudder after slogging her way around the popular – and utterly gruelling – 12-mile obstacle race in Oxfordshire this month. Apart from showing grit and determination (how else do you explain jumping into ice in the Arctic Enema?), Sheena also prepared… Read more


As marathon runners gear up for this month’s run, please remember stretching is key… We highly recommend you: Buy a foam roller and roll those sore bits! Release the ITB, quads, hip flexors, glutes and calfs. Activate your glutes: suggested exercises are clams, leg lifts & squats. Do plenty of static stretches for hip flexor… Read more

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! Walk yourself fit in Victoria

Starting with a dash of HIIT (high intensity interval training) exercises, mixed in with an explanation of how to activate the core muscles, relax the upper body, and walk efficiently and effectively, a group of office workers enjoyed the perfect recipe for burning lots of calories during our lunchtime WALKFIT sessions. Led by Clare Fone,… Read more
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